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The Taste of the Astros, introduces us to the magical world of how certain foods cause a special effect on some specific humans; how the same food can stimulate in a more intense way a person of a sign than others. It might sound scary to think that this is conditioned by the mechanical march of the universe. But the issue is even deeper: food is also marked by astrological cycles, especially because of our closeness to the Moon and they take on the characteristics of the ruling signs of the times when they are most easily cultivated. Also the association of the signs to animal characteristics (Taurus, the bull, Aries, the sheep, Pisces, the fish), added to the characteristics of the mythological archetypes, led to the conclusion that the attitudes of the people, in relation with food and drink, they are thus subordinated, for various reasons, to the representations with which history has been identifying stars and planets from the ancient world to the present day.

The Moon combined with certain planets can give us very specific results in the taste for food. For example, a Venus regent of Taurus and Libra, lover of the countryside and good food, who likes to have a conuco and bring the freshest and best products from the market, that food that by its smell takes you to the kitchen, Taurus also It governs the taste buds, that tasting character, makes it one of the best diners, who will always give thanks for a good cuisine. While the creative and righteous Libra spend a large part of their time giving food to those who need it most, especially if they are defenseless animals or experimenting with recipes to turn them into true works of art.

So we will go through the virtues of each sign and how they connect with a millennial art, the pleasure of good food. Here you will find sign association, with the traditions of different countries and chef or featured chefs, as well as some recipes compiled by friends and family who love cooking.

Savoring the Stars

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